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   Print Head Clog Buster Wholesale

  Information how to unplug
  Epson and Canon print heads


For more information about how Print Head Clog Buster is used with other printers, click here.

   Print Head Clog Buster

Print Head Clog Buster has become an industry leader. Choose the best!
We carry a very powerful cleaning solvent that addresses the problem of plugged print heads, a problem inherent to inkjet printers. Our product is made of a surfactant based liquid that is safe for virtually all inkjet printers.

If you plan to use this product for resale we can label each bottle with your specific business information at no additional charge. Please email us at for your business URL address. Included with each bottle is instructions and 1 - 3 cc syringe with blunt nose syringe. When kept in a cool environment Print Head Clog Buster has a 1 year shelf life.

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How to unplug Epson print heads.

Plan A

There are a number of ways that the print heads can be cleaned. The first way that I have always tried is to put 5-10 drops of Print Head Clog Buster onto the docking station that the print head comes to rest on when the printer is turned off. Be very careful not to allow the solvent to overflow the edge of the pad. If it becomes flooded, it will run below onto sensitive electronic components. If you overfill the pad you can also create a perfect siphon at the print head and it can actually cause the cartridges or bulk feed system to drain into the waste pad in the bottom of the printer.
To accomplish this you must first push the paper eject button for 3 seconds in order to get the print head to move off of the docking station. Now, unplug the printer. Go ahead and slide the head over to the left. This will now give you the freedom to access the pad to place the solvent onto it. Do not touch the docking station because it is held in place with very delicate springs and once these springs are damaged, the printer is history.
Now go ahead and plug the printer in and turn it off, so that the print head will dip itself into the Print Head Clog Buster. Let it sit overnight. Doing this process will solve the majority of the plugged head problems. To see if you were successful, do a print head test. No Success? Do a print head cleaning and print head test and do this at least 3 times. If this does not work the first time, repeat the above process at least 2 more times, each time waiting overnight. Be patient. It's cheaper than sending the printer to Epson.

Plan B

If you were unsuccessful with the above steps, this would probably be your next step. Purchase a set of Cleaning cartridges and install them into the printer. Be sure to return the print head to the right and allow them to sit without use for a 1/2 hour. This will allow any air to dissipate upward into the cartridge where it will not effect the printer. Perform at least 3 print head cleanings cycles doing a print head nozzle check between each cleaning. You must do a print head nozzle check between each cleaning cycle in order to gain the maximum potential of the cleaning process. Again this will require a little patience because if it does not immediately open the nozzles, you will have to let it sit overnight to allow the blockage to dissolve. If by the second day you still have no success then this is where patience will have to rule. I have left printers sit for as long as 3 weeks with the Cleaning cartridges left in the printer, but not doing anything with the printer but simply let it sit and allow the Print Head Clog Buster to slowly dissolve the plugged nozzles. I know this is a long time to wait but it's either that or take out a second mortgage on the house and take it to Epson. I had a stubborn Epson 3000 that I tried everything but the sledge hammer and finally parked it with the cleaning cartridges for the 3 weeks and voila, tried it, and it worked like a new machine.

Do you have a complete nozzle check but some nozzle appear to fire off to one side?

This is usually due to pet hair, dust bunnies or dryer lint clinging to the underside of the print head and as the nozzles are firing the ink droplet hits the hair, diverting the flow of ink to one side.
Take a paper towel and cut it in half. Carefully fold it so that it becomes a long narrow strip about 1/2" to 3/4" wide, soak it in Print Head Clog Buster (Not dripping wet, remember there are very sensitive electronics that you might soak out if the solvent runs below). Now, place this paper towel into the printer across the print head path, the black plastic area that has the high ridges. Again you will have to follow the steps in Plan A to be able to slide the print head back and forth. You might have a little difficulty sliding the head from left to right and back again. If this is a problem, then you are having difficulty getting the print head to start across the paper towel because it is unable to climb up over the end of the paper towel. Push the print head all the way to the start point and push a small amount of the paper towel beyond the plastic rail and push it down into the printer's lower area. This should allow you to slide the head back and forth. If you still can't, then simply reduce the size of your paper towel. Once you are able to do this, go ahead and move the print head back and forth for a few minutes. This will clean any nasty deposits that have gummed up the bottom of the head. You might have to repeat this a few times if your head is really dirty. Be careful to not leave the print head sitting on the paper towel unattended in the printer because you will end up wicking all of the cleaning fluid or ink out of the cartridges into the paper towel.

How to unplug Canon print heads.
Remove the print head from the printer. Pour enough Print Head Clog Buster into a glass cereal bowl (about ) so that the you can immerse the nozzles into the Print Head Clog Buster. Allow the print heads to sit in the Clog Buster for at least 24 hours. You can take the syringe and drop some Print Head Clog Buster into the screened inlets in the top of the print head. Remove and use a can of compressed air to blow through the screened inlets out the bottom of the nozzles. Use a pair of safety glasses to prevent any ink and compressed air from coming back into your face to protect your eyes. Do not get any liquids including Print Head Clog Buster on the gold contacts of the print head. If you inadvertently touch the gold contacts, wipe them down with some Isopropyl Alcohol.
Reinstall the print head into the printer.

Disclaimer and Legal Notice

This information is a compilation of the best efforts from many Epson printer users including myself. All information here is believed to be reliable and safe, however, neither I nor the authors of the information, accept any responsibility for relying on this information and the results of the use or misuse of this information.

Good Luck, and may you come out of this experience a whole lot more savvy on how to service your Epson printer.

This is an awesome sight to check out. You can purchase some of the finest technical repair manuals for under $10.00 for your Epson Printer. They will be sent to you via email, with an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. A great resource for anyone that wants to do more than just blow the dust off of his Epson Printer.

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