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Beautiful Photographs - Landscape, nature and animal photographs. Family friendly. Use for your desktop or purchase for sublimation tile murals.

Ink - Top of the line USA manufactured compatible Epson, HP, and Canon ink, refill ink cartridges, heat presses, and sublimation blank stock. My personal friend and web designer. Friends that share a similar interest. Nubian Dairy Goats.  An Amish friend that loves to build log homes. A great place to purchase Epson Tech manuals for an affordable price. The Epson Printer Co. A good source for Epson printers. Best deals on Epson printers. A Christian organization that drills water wells in third world countries.
A great site for sublimation T-shirts and other fabric related products.
Tel. 404-307-7062. Call Tyler Alexander or Email at
Vapor Apparel 6 pieces per size minimum order:
$4.79 for white adult
$5.29 lady tank top/spaghetti strap
$5.49 for heather grey adult, baby dolls, lady ringers
$5.59 for natural, baby blue, rusty, spruce adult
$5.69 for adult ringers
They also sell sweatshirts, and full line of micro fiber tees.

Laser Toner
Printer Ink, Toner and Laser toners available from the Inkjet People

Wedding Favors - Unique and elegant bridal shower and wedding favors. Great selection and lowest prices for wedding favors not found anywhere else. Personalized wedding favors also available at my wedding favors.

Groomsmen Gifts
Groomsmen Gifts For That Special Guy


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