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We carry what we feel to be the highest quality heat presses in the industry.


Digital Mug Press
The Troy Mini Mugger

Full wrap-around, handle to handle, top-to-bottom printing. Press images up to 4" high, and as close as 1/4" from the handle, depending on the mug size.
Allows for full bleed transfers on even the most de- manding mugs. Fully adjustable, accommodating different mug and cup sizes. This mug press adjusts for less than perfectly straight mugs. Temperature preset to 400*F.  Automatic digital timer. Heats to full temperature in 270 seconds. Adapts instantly for most mugs on the market.
Ultra soft heater liner for accommodating inconsistent mugs. End-of-cycle alarm. 3 month warranty on the heating blanket.
12 month warranty on entire press.
Extremely light weight and portable. Ideally suited for Flea Marketing or on the road tours where weight and size are crucial.
Electrical: 120 Volt/250 Watts/ 2.2 Amps. Weight 8 Lbs.
Dimensions 12" Long x 6" Deep x 6" high

Our Price $250.00


Due to to weight of this press, please contact us at 406-333-0330 for a freight quote.        
Due to to weight of this press, please contact
us at 406-333-0330 for a freight quote. 

1 pair of Heat Resistant Gloves $19.95                            Heat resistant gloves


Please contact us for shipping fees outside the USA. 

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BC 30
3 Million
Volt Stun Gun

Migra Spray Migraine Relief

Avoid painful
Migraines with a
simple pleasant
under the
tongue spray.

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