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For the most part this Blog will be an interchange between customers and myself where I will be answering their questions.


I would be concerned about sending any coated paper stock through a printer when it is wet, so I assume by 28 pound inkjet paper you mean some bond paper designed for inkjet and not a piece of coated paper.

Hi Art,
We use Hammer mill 28 lb. 98 bright inkjet paper, available at Staples or Office Max. When moistening the paper hold the Windex bottle about 12" away and lightly fog the paper 2-3 times from left to right and keep the ends dry. Do not soak the paper until it's dripping, only enough to moisten the paper. We have done this many times when servicing printers that have dry glazed rollers or rollers stained with ink and it is by far the quickest and easiest way to restore them.

Hi Gang,
I just received my CIS from MIS for my 1280 printer. Everything seemed to be in the box. Late last night I went to install it and half way through the procedure I found that I didn't receive the proper caps for the ink bottles. From what I can tell the "shipping caps" are the same as the "normal caps" except the "normal caps" have a hole for the ink supply tube and a vent hole. I can tell what size to use to drill a hole for the ink supply tube, but what size hole do I need drill to make a vent hole?
I can call MIS on Monday to have them send me the
proper caps, but I don't want to wait a week to start to use this set up.

Hello Russ,
We are a manufacturer of CIS systems here in the US and our vent hole is the smallest number drill in a numbered drill set or the smallest you can get in a metric or SAE set. You can also take a sewing needle and hold the needle with a pair of pliers, heat it with a match or propane torch and insert it through the top of the plastic cover. The smaller the hole the better to prevent dust from contaminating the ink.


Hi Gang.........
I installed the CIS from MIS This is the set with the ink already in the cartridges.
After about 9 bizzillion purge prints and cleaning cycles I was getting all the colors to fire. However I am getting prints that have a slight banding and VERY heavy green cast in all the shadows. Any thing that is black is coming out green! When I print the 6 purge color chart all the colors are where they should be. I have installed the ink bottles in the order that the NEW Update from MIS included with the CIS. Also the ink in the lines did match the ink bottles when I installed the unit. Anybody got any guesses what I should do? I can't call MIS until Wed. morning.

Hi Russ,
The most important thing is to get a perfect nozzle check. If its not perfect then you will have to get a 100% perfect pattern so that all the colors are right. When doing the cleaning cycles it's best to allow 15 minutes between cleanings. This will allow any trapped air in the print head to dissipate upward into the cartridge where it has no effect on the print heads performance. Back to back cleaning cycles will only aggravate the problem and pull the air deeper into the print head and give you a nasty air lock that can become a real challenge to illuminate.
Once you have a perfect check then start by eliminating high end software programs that can introduce profiles of their own that will throw your colors. Default all color management to the Epson drivers or simply print a photo through your Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. This program will not tamper with your colors.



Ink colors and humidity
I just wanted to let everyone know that my problem....with everything printing blue and the magenta not printing...was all do humidity.
I've had a humidifier in the room since I experienced this problem months ago. I had bought a new printer, ink, etc... When I talked to the techs and they mentioned that all that was left to determine is the humidity in the room I thought they were nuts. The room seemed fine to me. My office...I'm not in the garage, or basement or anything. Anyway, when I got a humidifier my ink problems went away until recently. Since I always keep my humidifier on now I thought I had a new issue. However, my humidifier needed a new filter. After one full day with a new filter and it running my ink is printing nice and colorful again. Now I have a humidity and temperature gauge in the room.

So, if you are having any of the ink issues that we have been discussing please check your humidity or by a humidifier and see if that helps. It's cheaper than the ink!!!




Subject: Canon Ink
Can you tell me if there is any ink and cartridges in your system for the ip5200?

Hello Keith,
Sorry, but Canon really did a bang up job with any of the printers that have a 2 after the first no. They cannot be refilled nor use a CIS.
Sell it and get 3000, 4000, 5000, or 6000. Those are easily refilled and will accept a CIS.



There are so many places to chose from , but I would rather go with a
recommendation for the group for a new CIS. I had one for my R320 and it doesn't work with my R340 because of that damn plastic piece going through the middle of the printer at the top. I researched for an hour or so and have to get
some sleep. I figured I would ask the group for suggestions and help on
choosing one. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Magillakim,
We are manufacturers of cis systems, however because the R series printers can be so temperamental I would recommend the refillable cartridges instead. The piezo crystals are not as forceful in the R series print heads as with the C series Epson printers and so have a greater challenge pulling the ink from the bottles next the printer. The refillable cartridges have the advantage of allowing the ink to flow by gravity and so are a much more reliable way to feed the ink into the print head. Don't get me wrong we have customers using the cis with R series printers however we forewarn them that they are not without hiccups. Should you opt for the refill cartridges you can find them on this page.



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